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The unknown resides opposite the strict plant.

The unknown resides opposite the strict plant.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

20+ Public Records Niches - **Over $7,000,000 Paid Out In Bonuses!

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By using our 100% legal and fully organized databases, you will have access to complete research tools for obtaining public information about practically anyone from the privacy of your own home or office.
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Are You Satisfied With Your Medical Coding System?

No doubt health care industry is booming right now. Technological advancements today have made medical practice management more complex than it actually is, especially for the dedicated medical practitioners who can ill-afford the time to process claims and insurance benefits. To meet these continually increasing demands and patient expectations, medical offices, hospitals, clinics, and practices are realizing the need for a specialized multi-tasking medical billing and coding program.

Most patients nowadays don't pay in cash. They have their health insurance provider to take care of payments for them. If doctors and other healthcare providers want to get paid, they would have to go to the insurance company themselves and process their claims. Be it patient billing, scheduling, insurance claims or any other related medical procedure, practitioners are now turning to electronic medical claim and billing systems to organize their work load. Electronic medical billing software has emerged as an indispensable tool for healthcare providers worldwide.
These medical software programs are packed with features that serve to help not only health professionals but medical billing and coding specialists as well; regardless of whether they are working for a large company specializing in medical office management or as independent, home-based professionals. A medical billing and coding software does everything - from overall healthcare management to electronic patient records/charts and from processing electronic claims to patient scheduling. By using them, health care practices, even small ones, can certainly find that edge required to succeed in medical billing, coding claiming procedures.
However, not many practices can afford them. High costs of medical coding software have always limited its adoption among medical offices and clinics. In order to address this need for low-priced yet full-featured electronic medical billing systems , medical software vendors from all over the planet, have some up with customized EMR (electronic medical record) solutions and packages, whose prices are based on the number of simultaneous users rather than the number of physicians in a practice. The immediate benefit of adopting an electronic medical billing and coding program should be focused on increasing your reimbursements. Also, when looking for physician practice management software, a practitioner should evaluate the following with the medical software vendor/company:-
    1. Does the system handle scheduling quirks unique to your practice?
    2. Does the system recognize all the procedure and diagnostic codes your practice uses?
    3. Can the system handle multiple offices and multiple doctors?
    4. Can information be accessed from multiple locations?
    5. Does the electronic health record (EHR) program include inventory tracking or the ability to manage several separate accounts?
Houston Medical software caters to all mentioned above and everything else that a medical billing and coding specialist should do. The best thing about this electronic medical records software is that you'll be virtually working in a paperless environment.

Exam Preparation Products For Cma, Cfm, Cbcp, Cia, Cisa, Cpm, App, Cissp ...etc

At ExamREVIEW, we have been developing certification exam contents for major vendors since 1997. In year 2001 we started our own online outfit, with unique products marketed under our own brand name. 
We specialize in high-end professional certification exam prep products, including and not limited to CPIM, CPM, CBCP, CIA and CMA. You'll read about our products in this web site. In fact, check out the extensive list of certifications earned by Michael, our Chief Content Developer and you will know why we are the best - we ourselves earned our certifications using the exact same study methodology and material!
Michael himself is a perfect example of academic and certification success. As the leader of the ExamREVIEW product development team, he is one of the most certified individuals on the planet! And you can make it too! Use the bulletproof products Michael and his team developed ON TOP OF the prep products you currently use, and you'll have the power to achieve certification success at record speed. You'll get the maximum return for every dollar, and every minute, you invest in your preparation efforts.
As an experienced trainer for big corporate clients such as Merrill Lynch Asia Pacific (), Michael knows the needs of his students. He had his study guides written in easy-to-use everyday language so everyone can easily access the information. He made the material to-the-point and with no fluff to distract the candidates from the truly urgent things that must be learned to succeed on the exams.

We are not going to make outrageous claims like "you'll pass the exam in 7 days." After all, we don't know your skills nor your background. What we can tell you is that, before formal releases, our products in beta format were offered to multiple regional training schools for real life beta testing - their classes of students actually use our products for further preparation before taking and passing the corresponding exams!

Professional certifications Michael has accomplished since 2002:

  • Associate Business Continuity Planner, DRI (US), 2002
  • Accredited Purchasing Practitioner, ISM (US), 2003
  • Certified Computing Professional, ICCP (US), 2003
  • Certified Confidentiality Officer, BECCA (US), 2003
  • Certified Fraud Examiner, ACFE (US), 2003
  • Certified Internal Auditor, IIA (US), 2002
  • Certified Information Systems Auditor, ICASA (US), 2002
  • Certified Information Systems Manager, ICASA (US), 2003
  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional, ISC2 (US), 2002
  • Certified in Production and Inventory Management, APICS (US), 2002
  • Certified Quality Auditor, ASQ (US), 2002
  • Certified Risk Planner, iCRM Asia (HK), 2005
  • Microsoft Solution Framework Practitioner, MS (US), 2003  

Michael's academic qualifications:

  • Doctor of Business Administration (University of New Castle, Australia, 2007)
  • MSc Purchasing & Supply Management (Robert Gordon, Aberdeen UK, 2003)
  • LLM Commercial Law (Northrumbria, Newcastle upon Tyne UK, 2003)
  • MBA (Heriot Watt, Edinburgh UK, 1998)
  • BSc Info Sys (Golden Gate, San Francisco US, 1996)
Advanced IT Certifications:
  • Cisco Certified Network Professional, 2001
  • Cisco Certified Design Professional, 2001
  • Citrix Certified Administrator, 2000
  • Check Point Certified Security Engineer, 2000
  • Certified Novell Engineer, 1999
  • CIW Professional, 2000
  • Lotus Notes Principal CLP, 2000
  • Microsoft Certified System Engineer, 1998
  • MCSE Golden Achiever, 2000
  • Microsoft Certified Solution Developer, 1999
  • Oracle Database Administrator, 2001
  • Oracle Internet Application Developer, 2000
  • Oracle Financial Consultant, 2000
  • SCO ACE, 2000
  • Sun Certified Java Programmer, 2000 
  • Sun Certified System Administrator, 2001 
  • SANS Certified Firewall Specialist (GCFW), 2002
Other certifications:
  • Certificate Programme on Industrial Management in the Mainland, HKMA (HK), 2005
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Chinese Civil Law, HKICL (HK), 2005
  • Certificate in Crime Investigation, HKMA (HK), 2005

Human Anatomy & Physiology Home Study Course.

Human anatomy which, with human physiology and biochemistry, is a complementary basic medical science, is primarily the scientific study of the morphology of the human body. Anatomy  is subdivided into gross anatomy and microscopic anatomy. Gross anatomy (also called topographical anatomy, regional anatomy, or anthropotomy) is the study of anatomical structures that can be seen by unaided vision. Microscopic anatomy is the study of minute anatomical structures assisted with microscopes, which includes histology  (the study of the organization of tissues), and cytology (the study of cells). Anatomy, physiology  (the study of function) and biochemistry  (the study of the chemistry of living structures) are complementary basic medical sciences when applied to the human body. As such, these subjects are usually taught together (or in tandem) to students attending medical school.

In some of its facets human anatomy is closely related to embryology, comparative anatomy and comparative embryology,through common roots in evolution; for example, much of the human body maintains the ancient segmental pattern that is present in all vertebrates with basic units being repeated, which is particularly obvious in the vertebral column and in the ribcage, and can be traced from very early embryos.

The human body consists of biological systems, that consist of organs, that consist of tissues, that consist of cells and connective tissue.

The history of anatomy has been characterized, over a long period of time, by a continually developing understanding of the functions of organs and structures in the body. Methods have also advanced dramatically, advancing from examination of animals through dissection of preserved cadavers (dead human bodies) to technologically complex techniques developed in the 20th century.